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With over 10 years of VoIP configuration and management experience, binaryPBX has what it takes to ensure the direct line to your business is always available.

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About binaryPBX

Based in North Eastern Pennsylvania, binaryPBX was founded in 2017 to provide affordable high quality phone systems throughout the United States. binaryPBX sees a world where complex 21st century phone systems are dependable and user friendly all while being affordable for the modern business.

117 Active Phones Managed
98% Positive Feedback
$2460 Average Yearly Savings
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Powered by Sangoma VoIP phones, you can be sure to receive the best quality products and service.

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The VoIP phone systems binaryPBX designs, implements, and maintains are 100% digital.


binaryPBX understands that security is your business’ top priority. binaryPBX follows industry leading security protocols.


By streamlining the entire company, binaryPBX ensures that your business gets the best deal possible.


We understand your business never stops, therefore we never do either. 24/7/365 day professional support ensures we always have your back.


In an ever changing technological world, binaryPBX believes in an innovative offering. Every member of our team is dedicated to provide the most recent and efficient service.


Not every business is the same. Thus, binaryPBX provides flexible services. We will custom tailor your service to ensure you have a service that works for every unique aspect of your business.

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Think your phone bill is to high? Let us take a look! binaryPBX will analyze your phone bill for FREE to see how we can save you money immediately and in the long-term.


FreePBX Design and Implementation

We custom design and implement a FreePBX VoIP system to fit your exact requirements and budget.

SIP Trunking

binaryPBX has partnered with a leading SIP trunking provider to offer our customers dependable and affordable SIP trunking.

VoIP Consulting

We can assist throughout any stage of your business’ Voice over IP project, guide you through best practices of the industry and provide knowledgeable advice.

MSP VoIP Subcontracting

Own a MSP? Outsource your VoIP management to the experts at binaryPBX to ensure your customers receive dedicated support while maintaining your bottom line.

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